Appointment confirmation and No-Show reduction

Appointment confirmation and No-Show reduction

Reduce patient no-shows by up to 68% by confirming appointments and procedures one or two days in advance. Also, confirm patients from Monday to Friday. In addition to the possibility of automation via SMS or WhatsApp *, you can customize messages based on patient profiles, groups, age range, gender, service units, doctors, healthcare professionals, and services.

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Personalize the reception experience

Personalize the reception experience

Choose which content patients should watch on the reception TV while waiting for their appointment. With the Ninsaúde Panels app, you can configure playlists with institutional videos that promote your clinic's brand, as well as commercial videos suggesting complementary services to patients. In addition to the convenience of calling patients by their name or social name directly from the consultation rooms with just one click.

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Online scheduling

Online Scheduling

Customize the patient experience when scheduling appointments and procedures.

Incorporate online scheduling on websites and social media, customizing waiting times, all time slots or some, prices, insurance plans, and services by doctors, dentists, and healthcare professionals.

Patient check-in

Patient check-in

Enhance your patients' experience by collecting registration information without the discomfort of asking questions at the reception. Your patients can fill out their registration form without typing errors at home or in the waiting room.

Session and package scheduling

Session and package scheduling

Vaccine clinics, physiotherapists, dentists, and psychologists require planning and control of sessions and packages for ongoing treatments.

With Ninsaúde's session and package scheduling control, you can have greater predictability in your daily operations, with daily, weekly, monthly, or even annual configurations. In addition, the system offers integration between the reception and the clinic's financial department, making it easier to manage and organize scheduling and payments.

Multi-clinic and multi-professional schedule

Multi-clinic and multi-professional schedule Optimize patient scheduling and reception by switching professionals in a single calendar.

Appointment confirmation

Appointment confirmation You can reduce no-shows by up to 68% by confirming appointments automatically.

Daily insurance counter

Daily insurance counter Check how many patients are scheduled per insurance plan for the day and manage patients with ease.

Follow-up appointment scheduling

Follow-up appointment scheduling Patients have the option to request and schedule follow-up appointments either at the reception or directly in the office with their doctors, dentists, and other healthcare professionals.

Schedule blocking

Schedule blocking With just one click, block the schedule on holidays, conferences, or events for one or more professionals.

Social name

Social name To ensure quality care for transgender and transvestite patients, it is important to refer to them by their social name. The social name is used in all interactions that occur in the patient's journey on the platform.

Frequently asked questions

Why shouldn't I use a paper medical schedule?
A paper medical schedule is indeed quick for scheduling patients because you can write with one hand and hold the phone with the other. However, numerous problems arise from this phone connection. Everything will depend on the phone, which is the first of the problems, and to avoid a busy line, new phone lines will be required. Over time, the clinic will need another secretary to handle two or more phone lines. Other issues such as manual appointment confirmation via WhatsApp, high no-show rates, and disconnection between the doctors' workplaces will bring more discomfort to the entire team.
Why shouldn't I use a free medical schedule?
When you use a free service, your time or your information is the currency of exchange. If your time is the currency, the company will use your time to gather feedback until it gets a product suitable for the market. Then the company will start charging. If your information is the currency, your patients' data will be commercialized for other purposes.
Why shouldn't I use Google Calendar for my clinic?
Google Calendar was developed to organize personal appointments. It is not intended to organize your clinic or practice. You would be adapting Google Calendar to your clinic's needs. Initially, it may work just like a paper schedule, but the same problems as with a paper schedule will appear.
Why shouldn't I use a medical schedule in Microsoft Excel?
Creating a medical schedule in Microsoft Excel will be more laborious than using a paper medical schedule. In addition to all the problems of a paper medical schedule, you will face issues with collaboration and permission between secretaries and doctors, spreadsheet versions, time spent coloring cells for different appointment statuses, low confidence in information, and backups.

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