Complete and exclusive infrastructure to open your healthcare franchise

Complete and exclusive infrastructure to Open your healthcare franchise

Ninsaúde solutions for healthcare franchises offer scalable reliability, speed, and customization to achieve goals and accelerate ROI.

System for Clinics

Ninsaúde solutions for medical, dental, physiotherapy, and aesthetics clinics can offer increased productivity, patient participation in the patient journey, and reduction of paperwork and manual processes.

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System for clinics and Independent practice

Ninsaúde Clinic helps doctors, dentists, and physiotherapists who want to excel in the experience economy to prioritize the delivery of patient-centered care.

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Foreigners and international units

Foreigners can participate in the patient's journey at your clinic in three languages: Brazilian Portuguese, U.S. English, and Latin American Spanish.

Your clinic can also operate in other countries or borders without issues related to date and time, time zones, or adapting the team to another language. Currently, we serve clients in five different countries.