Ninsaúde Pay

Ninsaúde Pay

To provide greater convenience and predictability in the patient's journey, we offer the option to make payments for consultations and procedures before or during the patient's visit.

Commission payment

Commission payment

Visualize, control, and pay doctors, dentists, and healthcare professionals with just a few clicks, without manual reports or calculations. In addition, you can set commissions by period, percentage, or fixed amount, for agreements and services.

Recurring and installment billing

Gain greater cash flow predictability and convenience with recurring and installment billing for both payments and receipts, all in one software.

Recurring and installment billing
Bank reconciliation

Bank reconciliation

Automate the process of verifying receipts and payments with the bank reconciliation feature of the Ninsaúde platform.

Export to excel

Export to excel Export reports to Excel and manipulate the data as you prefer, streamlining the verification and presentation of information.

Transfer between accounts

Transfer between accounts Transfer financial titles between external or added bank accounts without disrupting cash flow.

Cash flow

Cash flow Share insights with the board and make more informed decisions with the actual and projected cash flow.

Income statement

Income statement Gain an accurate perspective of the overall financial health of the company or each branch, to present to board members or negotiate credit.

Just one click

Just one click Just one click to receive with credit card or Pix, settle or duplicate receipts and payments, issue invoices, and print receipts.


Decision-making Get strategic information immediately for tactical and strategic decision-making.

Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to restrict secretaries' access to the clinic's financial information?
Yes. It is possible to restrict access for a certain group of people, with configurations for view-only or view-and-manage permissions.
Why not use a spreadsheet for financial control in a medical clinic?
Spreadsheets are excellent for tasks that cannot be controlled by software, but the flexibility in manipulating information can become a significant challenge in the long run. The features of the Ninsaúde platform allow for financial control in franchises, clinics, and practices with user-specific permissions, automation, and compliance with data protection laws (LGPD and GDPR).

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